How to Delete Permanent or Temporary Instagram Account

you must be wondering why I am sharing the method of deleting an Instagram account. I have seen many people wonders, how can they deactivate Instagram account permanently.

Although Instagram is one such thing you would never want to delete but still if the need arises. you won’t find any method for deleting or deactivating your Instagram account with the Instagram application itself, so here I am that a very easy method of how you can permanently delete your Instagram account. 

Let’s get started, if you will check out for the deactivation option on the Instagram app you will not find any such option neither on the edit profile option neither in privacy settings and neither in your account settings

Before you deactivate or Instagram permanently make sure you download your account data. this account data refers to all the pictures and videos you uploaded on your Instagram account in the form of Instagram post. this will be sent automatically to your email id you will enter.

permanently or temporarily the deactivation of your account you will have to open your Instagram profile then Instagram settings and then in the lower section you will see an option named help and then you have to select help center option as soon as we will click on the Help Center you will be redirected to a webpage from the browser installed on your mobile and this is for Android as well as for iOS there you have to click on managing your account option and then after you have to click on Delete your Account. if you want to temporarily deactivate your account then select the First Option and here it has been mentioned that you cannot do this on the Instagram app or if you want to delete your account permanently then select the second option and then you have to go in the Delete your Account page. After that, you have to log in with your Instagram username and password of the account you want to delete.

then it will ask you a reason for deleting your Instagram account that why are you deactivating your Instagram account. It’s the kind of survey and after that you have to enter your reason and do enter the proper reason for deleting your account because it really matter for Instagram and after that they will ask for the confirmation that that are you sure that you want to delete your Instagram account permanently then you have to select here that you are sure and after they will show you that your account your Instagram account is successfully deleted.

After that when you will open your Instagram app then it will show you that your account has been logged out and after that whenever you will try logging with your username and password it will show you there is no such account exists on the Instagram server so 

This is how simple the process of Instagram permanently or temporarily deactivation

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